Bob Vylan – We Live Here

0 Posted by - 11th June 2020 - Features, Top Picks by G-Kush

Punk, Hip Hop & Grime combine in the potent, powerful & angry sound of 2020 from London duo Bob Vylan.

We were pointed in the direction of Bob Vylan earlier this year by the very excellent Brassneck records. The new EP dropped last week, self released as it was too incendiary for most record labels. In light of everything that’s occurred these last few weeks, the executives that blanched at the uncompromising message of this record have missed the boat on the sound of 2020:

18 minutes of vital, righteous, profane power, “We Live Here” channels raw hardcore punk, with hip hop, grime and untrammelled fury. The sound is both bracing and unique; with each track coming from a slightly different musical angle the short run time is densely packed from head nodders to head bangers. It goes without saying that this is not for the faint hearted, but is absolutely essential listening.

Get “We Live Here” exclusively on Bandcamp (unfortunately we snagged one of the last vinyl copies, but hopefully they’ll do a second run).

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  • CT 12th June 2020 - 11:50 am Reply

    Love this – try PENGSHUi if you like this…

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