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Will Holland; genius producer, musician, DJ and all round renaissance man. He is without doubt one of our very favourite artists. A man who can turn his hand to any musical style you’d care mention: Soul, Reggae, Latin, Hip Hop and dance floor fillers. A new album is always hotly anticipated, the styles are consistently different each time, but the tunes never less than magnificent.  We’ve been meaning to do a Quantic 5 of the best for absolutely ages, the forthcoming release of “Atlantic Oscillations” gives us just the reason!

You Used to Love Me (2019)

A spellbinding masterpiece of electronic soul from the forthcoming album. Teaming up with prodigiously talented singer Denitia, this is already one of the tracks of the year.


Blackstone Rock (2002)

The Funkdub vinyl version of the Apricot Morning album is dog eared and worn out from so much play; an album that blends latin flavours, hip hop and beautiful atmospherics. Primate Boogaloo features on the one of our mixes from a few years ago, and this banger has scarcely left the record box in 15 years.

Pushin’ On (2005)

Another absolute fixture in the Funkdub bag is the Quantic Soul Orchestra iteration from 2005. On the title track the band team up with regular collaborator, and one of the UK’s finest soul singers, Alice Russell ,(do also check our 5 of the best from her). There’s also a brilliant live version, either way this is a gold standard soul stomper.


Linda Morena (2009)

South America has been an enormous part the Quantic sound throughout his career, (that included spending 6 years living in Colombia). That influence is apparent through many of the projects, including the collaboration with Mario Galleano, Ondatropica, and the Combo Barbaro. Check out this live version of one of the stand out tracks from the excellent “Tradition In Transition” album.


1000 Watts (2016)

Reggae is also a regular flavour in the Quantic mix, in particular the Flowering Inferno venture that has emerged at various points in the last decade and more. A particular highlight is the 2016 “1000 Watts” LP, with a title track, featuring Christopher Ellis on vocals, that simply doesn’t quit. 


Always room for one more

The back catalogue is enormous and we’d recommend exploring every last bit of it. For the bonus track we’ve  gone for Sol Clap (2014) from the Magnetica album, a pulsating latin work out, it’s an absolute stormer when performed by the live band.

Check out the brand new album, released 21st of June, via Tru Thoughts and Bandcamp . Quantic is also touring Europe in November, details here.

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