MIX: Tough Guys Might Dance

0 Posted by - 11th July 2022 - Listen / Watch, Our Mixes

New mix to go with the heatwave – Summer vibes in the High Contrast style. First recorded a version of this mix a few years ago, finally finished it off when the sun came out. It’s very much in tribute to the excellent welshman Lincoln Barrett who has been producing outstanding music for over two decades. It’s also a call back to the Drum & Bass scene in the noughties, a sometimes overlooked golden era. Jungle and DnB these days are ubiquitous and accepted as a vital part of the musical firmament – but in the first wave they were often in their own ghetto, sniffly regarded by the club scene, ignored by the mainstream.

In the early part of the millenium a fresh wave of producers kicked the doors in to make drum & bass popular. The trick High Contrast and others pulled off was to take the spirit and lineage of jungle and fold in the best elements of house music alongside terrific song writing. This was perhaps best exemplified on the “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” album – hence the title – we’ve written about that and more HC favourites here. The mix is also a throwback to a more old skool approach to DJing, when the average track was 6 minutes long, and the selecta would leave track the running for 4 minutes of stepping (like HC himself on his seminal 2003 essential mix). Anyway more than all that the session has quite a lot of pop music you’ll now and should go well with the sunshine, hope you enjoy it!


1. Feels Like Summer (T-Kay Remix) – Childish Gambino
2. Free – Marky & Makato feat Deeizm
3. Racing Green – High Contrast
4. In A Gadda Da Vida – High Contrast
5. The Basement Dub – High Contrast
6. Beautiful Lies – B Complex
7. System (Matrix & Futurebound remix) – Nu: Tone feat Natalie Williams
8. Balaclava – Nu: Tone
9. No One Gets Out Alive – High Contrast
10. X Ray – Sub Focus
11. California Love (High Contrast Remix) – Tupac Shakur
12. Jesus Walks Into The Jungle – Kanye West / DJ Zinc
13. Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) – Adele
14. The Chain (Wickaman unreleased wedding bootleg) – Fleetwood Mac

Selected & mixed by GK, ident designed by 3DJ

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