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The Shake Your Rump crew return with a special all 45s night at That Beer Place in Chester on friday the 7th of July – It’s a meeting of minds and styles.

Shake Your Rump emerged from a collaboration between DJs, turntablists and producers T2Funk (Tony Craughwell), DJ Deviant (Carl Vincent), Stet (Jesse Cooper). Having been a regular on the DJ circuit in Manchester the lockdown gave Tony the time opportunity to start a record label, “Regulate Recordings”, forming the T2Funk collective and dropping the first vinyl release “Listen To The Sound” in March of 2021. This coincided with the burgeoning 45rpm scene growing in the UK and worldwide, with DJs and producers re-discovering their love for the original single format.

A wave of movements seemed to occur simultaneously – the 45 Live Radio Show founded by Greg Belson in 2015 with bi-monthly shows featuring 45 only sets and a rotating guestlist packed with funkdub faves (Florian Keller, Smoove, Wrongtom, DJ Food, to name just a few). The 45 Kings Collective formed in 2019 a collaboration across Australia and the UK; with mixes, live streams and latterly releases. In 2019 Criztoz – DJ, vinyl obsessive and long-time 7” aficionado came up with the idea of having a dedicated day to celebrate the 45 rpm format. So, very appropriately, on the 4th of the 5th 2020, (fourth of May for American readers!), 45 Day was born. The first event featured numerous guest mixes and events with an exclusive 45 Live Show with Greg Belson & DJ Moneyshot. 45 Day has gone from strength to strength, with the 2023 edition featuring 118 exclusive 7” only mixes, streams, events and even an awards ceremony.

Deviant and Stet have been pillars in Chester and beyond for over 2 decades, 3DJ and I first encountered them circa 2003 – we shambled into the basement of City Bar one slightly worse for wear evening, a night called “Breakdown” was on – our jaws dropped when we saw and heard two turntablists turning out a set that wouldn’t sound out of place if Q-Bert had played it – it was mind blowing to see such skills on display in Chester. It turned out that was Deviant and Stet and they were residents at Planet Of The Breaks – a legendary regular event that ran from the year 2000 and brought the likes of Afrika Baambata, Grand Master Flash, Cash Money, and The Scratch Perverts to Shrewsbury. That night at City Bar was definitely one of the inspirations for us to start Funkdub.

Deviant never stopped producing mixes and artwork – creating Rebel Skum and producing numerous iconic images and mind-blowing mixes. Stet has gone on to become a mainstay and professional DJ in Chester – as well as teaming up with Jae Holmes to set up Pulp Disco which has gone on to become a huge success in the North West. In 2021 as the pandemic started to ease the Shake Your Rump Collective began to come together as a live proposition, starting as a second stage at Pulp Disco events – offering alternative beats and treats to compliment the main room.

After a second successful release from the T2Funk Collective “Do You Want To Party” DJ Deviant turned producer and released “Turn The Party Out” as the 3rd Regulate 7” release. That track went on to huge success, featuring in The Allergies Top 10, and then Boca45 included it in The Huey Morgan Block Party Mix on 6 music with the flip side “Rock N Drop” featuring on the Craig Charles Funk & Soul show. The plans for the label keep on expanding – the next release “Shake Your Rump Vol 1” has just dropped on vinyl and is a collaboration between Deviant, T2Funk and Stet and there are plenty more in the pipeline filling out the rest of the year and a sister label in the works as well.

In 2022 as well as releasing records and playing guest slots T2Funk, Deviant and Stet decided it was high time Chester had a regular night for the heads once more, so the regular Shake Your Rump events started, alongside a fresh sequence of mixes, with festival appearances on the way too.

On the 7th of July all of these things are coming together for an all vinyl 45s event at “That Beer Place” in Chester. The founder of “45 Day” Criztoz is the special guest alongside Deviant, T2Funk and our own G-Kush, who has packed a box of 7s as well – expect party hip hop, reggae, funk, disco and more besides!

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