Andy C & Ram Trilogy – 5 Of The Best

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The mighty RAM records have been one of our favourites since the 1990s; they’ve been celebrating 25 years with a huge tour and the release of the outstanding RAM25 just before Christmas. Andy C has been involved in some of the finest jungle and drum n bass releases, much of the time in collaboration with Shimon or Ant Miles, or altogether as RAM Trilogy. So without further ado here are five of the best from Andy C, Ant Miles & Shimon.


Shimon & Andy C Body Rock (2001)

Starting with an absolute snorter, it’s perhaps difficult to get a handle on how different this track sounded when it first dropped nearly 17 years ago. The staccato heavyweight popping bassline still kicks like a mule all these years later.

Shimon & Andy C – Night Flight (1996)

Right back to 1996 for this one, whilst jungle and drum n bass were still in their relatively nascent stages. One of the earliest collaborations between Shimon & Andy C is a deep fried stepper that still stands tall.

Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix) (2002)

As far as we’re concerned at Funkdub we couldn’t complete a list like this without one of the long standing fixtures in the record box. A total banger, and perfect accompaniment to chomping ghosts.


Andy C – Haunting (2013)

We could have filled this whole list with tracks from the 90s and early noughties, (and almost have!), but Ram records keep on producing absolute stompers, and this one by Andy C from 2013 is no exception.


Ram Trilogy – Mind Overload (1998)

It was very difficult indeed not to simply fill this list with big big tracks from Ram Trilogy, Titan and Scanners are two amongst many that could’ve been included. But we’ve gone for this gut puncher that just doesn’t quit.

Always Room For One More – Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (1993)

Chase & Status (who Andy C supported right from the get go), have done a pretty terrific 2017 re-rub  of ground breaking  masterpiece Valley Of The Shadows. But here is the original, still bringing tears to Jungle loving glass eyes after all these years:

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