Mix: 20 96 – A Bass Odyssey

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Brand new Funkdub mix celebrating future & past bass music

The idea for this session came from a few different sources, and it takes inspiration from at least one classic mix and is a semi sequel to two of our own. It’s all about the connections in bass music and in particular that fertile period in the mid 1990s when so much of what underpins bass music today was developing and fermenting. In particular the connections at that time between Dub, Jungle, Techno, Tribal House and producers from that time period: Orbital, Dreadzone and The Orb, and of course all of the Jungle and latterly Drum & Bass producers that came through, represented here by Alex Reece, JMJ & Richie & Harmony.

What came in the next decade (amongst many other things) was the emergence of Grime and Dub Step, which was built on the blocks of Jungle and Garage and the scenes they’d emerged from. Included here are brand new tracks from Tubby Isiah & the potent & relevant Bob Vylan. The mix also has tracks in the classic dub and reggae mode from recent Funkdub faves like The Drop & Joe Ariwa. There are also productions from Peter Kruder & Richard Dorfmeister – in the same way that 3DJs K & D mix is a response to the “K & D Sessions” this is a response to the seminal “DJ Kicks” mix released in 1996. Of course no mix can hold a candle to that session – it blazed an unstoppable trail blending heavy dubs, electronics and breakbeats – this session is tribute to that; to classic and modern producers and to the ever evolving relationship between future and past. Or to put it another way it’s some tunes we like with some heavy jungle at the end!


  1. Earth Man featuring Rob Gallagher – Dorfmeister/Mato/Obermaier
  2. Flow Point (Frenk Dublin Rmx) – Tim Kossmann
  3. Ascend/Descend – Peter Kruder
  4. Tranquility (Altitude Remix) – BOTN
  5. Honey Moonies (Brain Washed at Area 49 Mix) – The Orb
  6. Lookee Here (Dreadzone Remix) – Transglobal Underground
  7. Takeover (Dubmatix Version) – The Drop
  8. Warrior Charge – Tubby Isiah
  9. England’s Ending – Bob Vylan
  10. heQi (^^) (Original Mix) – C.O.W. 牛, Dexter
  11. Dwr Budr – Orbital
  12. Basic Principles (Alex Reece Reprieve) – Alex Reece
  13. Universal Horn (Remix 96) – JMJ & Richie
  14. Dire – Project Sandro
  15. Foundation For Years – Harmony
  16. Fresh & Clean Dub (Original Mix) – Joe Ariwa

Selected & mixed by GK, cover design by 3DJ. Get more funkdub mixes here or on mixcloud.

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