Palm Skin Productions – The Sword Will Die

0 Posted by - 9th November 2021 - Features, Top Picks by G-Kush

We’re very excited to hear that Palm Skin Productions aka Simon Richmond is back with new material on the Tru Thoughts label. We well remember his productions from back in the heady days of the 1990s on the Mo’Wax imprint and elsewhere. We’ve written a bit about some of the other producers and the “trip hop” era here. Whilst there hasn’t been a great deal of material under the Palm Skin moniker for quite some time he’s not rested on his laurels, forming one part of the rightly acclaimed live improvised electronic act The Bays:

The new track is an eleven minute epic that keeps on coming in waves, as Simon puts it ““You might listen to bits of the track and never know the other bits existed – a nightmare for the 30 second Beatport snippet!”. We’re very happy to report that every part of the track is a winner, starting out with an evocative pastoral atmosphere that gradually builds into a lush bassy metronomic groove. Lovely lovely stuff. By all accounts this is a taster for not one but two albums on the way, we can’t wait to hear more.

Tru Thoughts


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