MIX: Anyway, Back to the Future MMXXI – 3DJ

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Anyway, Back to the Future MMXXI – a C90 drum & bass mixtape by 3DJ

Featuring tracks and vocals by 3DJ, AC13, Ady Suleiman, Blackout JA, Blend Mishkin, Bou, Breakage, Chase & Status, Chris Lorenzo, D Double E, Danny Styles, Danny Wheeler, Deekline, DJ Concept, DJ Marky, Dom & Roland, Dr Meaker, Ed Solo, Exco Levi, Frisco, Gappy Ranks, General Levy, High Contrast, Irah, Jah Boogs, L-Side, Lil ‘Dris, Liondub, Maverick Sabre, MC Fats, MC Spyda, Mist, NotioN, Phibes, Pola & Bryson, Ray Keith, Riddim Punks, Roots Evolution, Shy FX, Sigma, Suku, Taxman, The Dub Pistols, The Streets, Toots & The Maytals, Total Science, UK Apache.

A) Back to the Future Pt.1 – listen here
B) Back to the Future Pt.2 – listen here

RIP Lou Ottens – the Dutch engineer credited with inventing the audio cassette tape. An estimated 100 billion cassette tapes were sold around the world since they were introduced in the 1960s.

The mixtape was always the best ever use for a C90.


A Side) Back to the Future Pt.1

  1. 3DJ Intro – 3DJ
  2. Shut Up (Original Mix) – Suku, Chase & Status
  3. Binary Star (Original Mix) – Dom & Roland
  4. B Side Bubbler (Original Mix) – Breakage
  5. Warning (feat. Gappy Ranks) (Bou Remix) – Gappy Ranks, Shy FX
  6. The Fever (Original Mix) – Taxman
  7. Renegade (T>I Minimal VIP) – Ray Keith
  8. Run The Streets (Original Mix) – DJ Marky, Pola & Bryson
  9. Sell My Soul (Kings Of The Rollers Remix) – Maverick Sabre, Sigma
  10. 54-46 Was My Number (Phibes Remix) – Toots & The Maytals, Phibes
  11. Have Some Fun (Radio Mix) – Ed Solo, General Levy, Deekline
  12. Chalice – The Dub Pistols
  13. Met Her At A Dance In Leicester (Original Mix) – High Contrast, Ady Suleiman, UK Apache
  14. Original Nuttah 25 (feat. IRAH) (Chase & Status Remix) – Shy FX, UK Apache, Irah

B Side) Back to the Future Pt.2

  1. 3DJ Intro v Danny Styles
  2. Root, Leaf & Stem (feat. MC Spyda) (Original Mix) – Dr Meaker, Danny Wheeler, MC Spyda
  3. Dread (Liondub International) – Blackout JA, Liondub, Jah Boogs
  4. Killa (Original Mix) – Total Science
  5. Balaclava (feat. MC Spyda, D Double E & Frisco) (Skeptical Remix) – Shy FX
  6. Savage (High Contrast Remix) [Explicit] – Mist
  7. Envy (Original Mix) – Bou
  8. Hooked (Bou Extended Remix) – NotioN
  9. Steppa Dub (feat. MC Fats) (Original Mix) – MC Fats, L-Side
  10. Warface feat. Mc Spyda (Original Mix) – AC13, MC Spyda
  11. Settle Down (feat. Exco Levi) (Riddim Punks Remix) – Blend Mishkin, Exco Levi, Roots Evolution
  12. Take Me as I Am (Original Mix) The Streets, Chris Lorenzo
  13. Junglist Rudeboy Danny Styles
  14. Ghost Town (Original Mix) Ed Solo, Deekline, DJ Concept

UPDATE 26/3/2021

Spotify collation of (most) tracks from ‘Anyway, Back to the Future MMXXI’ – a C90 drum & bass mixtape by 3DJ (Funkdub). The mix charted 5th in the global drum n bass chart on Mixcloud – you can find the mix itself via the player above or here on Mixcloud.

More information & channels over at https://linktr.ee/funkdub

All (most) tracks that appeared in the 3DJ (@Funkdub) Drum & Bass mix “Anyway, Back to the Future MMXXI” are now on our new YouTube channel…

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