MIX: Dub Pistols vs L’Entourloop – Check It Before You Brexit by G-Kush (Funkdub)

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MIX: Dub Pistols vs L’Entourloop – Check It Before You Brexit by G-Kush (Funkdub)

In these times of strife it’s worth remembering the things that unite us, so this brand new mix is a tribute to that, putting together 2 of our absolute favourite crews from the UK and France. The Dub Pistols have joined us twice at Funkdub, knocking it out of the park every time, they’re touring right now and you won’t see a better live band. L’Entourloop are, in a packed field, our favourite crew from France at the moment, do check out our review of an incredible live show from last year. Both acts pull off the trick of fusing reggae with hip hop, with jungle and dub thrown in. The session takes in all of those styles and features a stella list of guest vocalists, including Rodney P & Tippa Irie, drawing from throughout the discographies and in particular the “Worshipping The Dollar” and “Le Savoir Faire” long players. The brilliant cover design is by 3DJ, hope you enjoy the tunes!


  1. Dub Pistols & Earl 16 – Roll & Come In
  2. L’Entourloop vs Roots Manuva – Groove Ya Fitness
  3. Dub Pistols with Rodney P & Lindy Layton – Rock Steady
  4. L’Entourloop & LMK – All I Want To Do
  5. Dub Pistols with TK Lawrence & Dan Bowskill – New Skank
  6. L’Entourloop with Jamalski, Bang On & N’Zeng – Back In Town
  7. Dub Pistols & Seanie Tee – This Anthem
  8. L’Entourloop with Ruffian Rugged, Skarra Mucci, Blackout JA & Troy Berkley – Le Tour De Force
  9. Dub Pistols with Akala  & Dan Bowskill – West End Story
  10. L’Entourloop with Charlie P – One & Only
  11. L’Entourloop with Biga Ranx – Push The Limits
  12. Dub Pistols & Rodney P – You’ll Never Find
  13. L’Entourloop with Kill Emil – The People & The Police
  14. Dub Pistols with Rodney P – Mucky Weekend
  15. Dub Pistols with Darrison & Rodney P – Gunshot
  16. L’Entourloop with Tippa Irie & N’Zeng  – Le Rendez Vous

Check out more Funkdub mixes here or on Mixcloud. You can check out what the Dub Pistols are up to and details of their Mucky Weekender festival on their website. For all things L’Entourloop go here.

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