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Out 7th December, “Original Nuttah feat. Bunty (7” edit)”/“Dread Nourishment” is the new 7” from founding MDO member and veteran producer/DJ Glyn “Bigga” Bush’s latest album ‘The DNA Of Rhythm’. Featuring a dynamic cover of “Original Nuttah” alongside the Nyabinghi drum dub monster “Dread Nourishment”, this vinyl showcases Glyn’s instinctive ability for reworking different musical genres into exciting percussive frameworks.

On the A-side is “Original Nuttah feat. Bunty”, an irresistible and dance-filled percussive track that follows in the vein of memorable MDO covers “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Sunshine of your Love”. Innovative from start to finish, Glyn has re-created the high-pitched drone of the Shy FX& UK Apachi ragga jungle classic on a singing bowl, transferred the iconic bass-line to Brazilian bass-drums called “surdos” and reproduced jungle breaks on live drums, giving new life to the track. The featuring vocals from Brighton’s Bunty Kassia Zermon lighten and feminise the rude boy anthem, injecting what Glyn calls “new life and vibes into a classic of the genre”. The AA-side features the fun and dynamic dub instrumental “Dread Nourishment”, a track which takes the listener on a journey inspired by the rhythms of Nyabinghi drums.

Following a three-year break, Glyn released ‘The DNA Of Rhythm’ in June 2018 to online support from Clash who premiered the first single “Original Nuttah feat. Bunty” and Buzz Magazine, and radio plays from Garth Trinidad, Aaron ByrdDan Wilcox (KCRW) and Worldwide FM, who invited Glyn on the show for a Drummers Inc mix.

Featuring thirteen new tracks which provide a fresh angle on MDO’s infectious attention-grabbing beats, ‘The DNA Of Rhythm’ brings together hip hopgrimeGQOM and R&B influences alongside the traditional samba styles at the heart of MDO’s music. The percussive mastery of this project takes you on a transformative adventure which places rhythm at the core of each track, blending the feel of sampled breaks with live improvisation to make up the DNA of the music.

The idea of ‘The DNA of Rhythm’ came from working at an almost granular level with sounds and rhythms from various sources – for instance taking part of an African griot rhythm, looping it, exploding all the different parts and copying them initially on the band’s stock of Brazilian percussion. But really going in deep into the rhythms and spending time on getting the feel exactly right” recalls Glyn on the process behind making the album.

Finding innovative ways to imbue hip hop and jungle with new life, Glyn uses instruments ranging from tuned bass drums, snares, tamborims, djembes, congas and timbales to cymbals, shakers and bells to create layers within the music. Stripping music back to its raw ingredients, this project provides a fresh slant to the most primal of musical elements; the drum.

Glyn’s back catalogue includes the notable house, dub and trip-hop band Rockers Hi-Fi who released albums on Island and Warner and gained a substantial following with fans including Kruder & Dorfmeister, Thievery Corporation and Jason Bentley (KCRW radio, LA). More recently, following Rockers Hi-Fi’s success, Glyn began concentrating on his own productions, remixing tracks for the likes of Swayzak, Mark Rae, Fat Freddy’s DJ Fitchie, collaborating with Fela Kuti’s drummer, the great Tony Allen to create the 2008 album ‘13 Faces of Lightning Head’ which gained support from Gilles Peterson among others and collaborating with Ralph Cree to release ‘MDO Sessions 1’ and ‘MDO Sessions 2’ on Tru Thoughts in 2014 with the 25-piece live version of the band. These previous releases were shown international support from tastemakers such as LeftoBBC 6 Music’s Don Letts, Gilles Peterson and Huey Morgan and KCRW’s Garth Trinidad. Their samba-infused dance beats have also seen syncs in Vice Principalson HBO and placement in Google and Nike ads.

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