The Slackers – Wrongful Suspicion / The Noose

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The Slackers musical style is distinct from their contempories; a mix of early Jamaican music with classic 50’s and 60s American styles. There are influences from 50s and 60s Rock’n’Roll, Rythmn and Blues, Jazz and Latin music. Singer Vic Ruggiero has coined the term ‘Jamaican Rock’nRoll.’ to describe it.

“The Slackers are very excited to be releasing a new single on Badasonic records, Wrongful Suspicion / The Noose. Wrongful suspicion is a tune that Vic Ruggiero wrote with Tim Armstrong and appeared on the Rancid album, ‘Life Won’t Wait.’ Dave Hillyard played saxophone on the original track and did the horn arrangement. With it being the 20th anniversary of ‘Life Won’t Wait’, the Slackers have revisited the tune and its still timely lyrics. The songs critique of right wing politics and its flag waving charade covering up a deeper moral and financial corruption still rings true.”

Side One
(T. Armstrong / V. Ruggiero) BEHC61800029

Side Two
(D. Hillyard / M. Geard) BEHC61800030

Format: 7″ / Digital
Label: Badasonic Records
Release Date: Nov 9 2018

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