All Hail The Mighty BISON – Review

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FUNKDUB 9th Birthday at Telford’s Warehouse. All Hail The Mighty Bison.

I’ve seen a lot of gigs this year, many have been memorable in one way or another, some have been good while others have been great. There are three which stood out as being the best I have seen in the last two years.

All three were at Telford’s Warehouse.

Two of these three were put together by Funkdub Records!

The Funkdub 9th birthday bash on October 26th slid comfortably into this top three. I think what makes these Funkdub promotions so special is the quality of the music, both the featured bands and the tunes which 3DJ and GentlemanKush spin after the bands finish; there is no compromise here, the music is edgy and has something unique to offer, something you quite simply won’t see at many places.

The Mighty Bison were no exception. They are an eleven piece band but  it wasn’t so easy to count with all the energy on stage. The first thing is how to pigeon hole them, are they reggae, ska, folk, hip hop or soul?

Who cares?

They were all of the above with elements of circus, carnival and mayhem thrown in and from the very start they had the crowd at Telford’s Warehouse bouncing. Some beats are just highly infectious and make it totally impossible not to get caught up in the moment, this was one of those gigs!

They move from genre to genre with ease. From the pirate glam of “Seasick Sam” to the old school English Ska of “I know your mum”. If you were at the front, you were dancing! The tunes were big and powerful and the crowd were left with no illusion as to who was calling the shots.

The playlist was put together from the new album, “Pressing The Flesh”  available here, and their previous album, “Saturday Big Shop”.

Check out the bands facebook page here and keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of The Mighty Bison.

After thirteen monster tunes it was time for The Mighty Bison to leave the stage and make way for the Funkdub selectors, 3DJ and GKUSH!

Again here Funkdub are no followers, these are not the sort of tunes you’ll hear at other places around town. When the bands are as good as the ones booked by these guys, following them with weak mixes would bring the night down but that is not going to happen with 3DJ and GKUSH on the decks, the party rocks until late.

The Funkdub guys have been doing this for nine years now, they’ve brought Chester some immense nights at their residency at Telford’s Warehouse, a place which is a little different from the rest. I’m looking forward to the next nine years and you won’t find me missing too many Funkdub nights.

Check out what the guys are up to at their webpage here and Facebook page here, and make sure you get down and see the next production, these guys know what they are doing!

Thanks for the last nine years!

Lord Lucien and Lady Agnes


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