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Over The Radar. The Dub Mafia Phenomenon.

Funkdub @ Telfords Warehouse, Chester


Last Saturday at Telford’s Warehouse club promoters Funkdub brought Dub Mafia to Chester to promote their album launch.

I didn’t even want to go if I’m being honest.

Left to me, it would of been some cheeky chappy guitar down the road. Or even a quiet night in, listening to some new albums in my inbox, maybe chase the YouTube dragon, see what magical adventures we go on together, green tea brewing away nicely. Beautiful.

Dub Mafia made my list for August based on the quality of the act. I go through a process and it was all good stuff. I bought into it, liked their vibe and they were in.

The thing is, I’ve seen shed loads of funk bands doing a Saturday night slot, claiming to be a fusion of this or that and nine times out of ten, it’s really good stuff. You know the score, woolly hatted bongo player, line up looking like a United Nations Stoner Conference, Token Rasta In Shades so I thought I’d pass on the bank holiday dance band, cheers anyway.

Unfortunately my colleagues had other ideas and were most insistent in my attendance. They’d REALLY bought into it.


So with a slightly heavy heart, I dragged myself to Telfords, looking wistfully at Compass as I walked by.

It felt a different crowd tonight. Funk fusion always brings a different blend of audience anyway but these guys were proper up for it.

Serious. None of that ‘Lets stay at the bar till halfway through the first song’ malarky going on here folks…. they were already up and dancing, getting warmed up, ready to go at a seconds notice.

Formed in November 2009, the 5 piece who blend drum & bass, dubstep, funk as well as world music quickly grabbed attention due to their hi tempo performances, unique style and their videos are hurtling towards the million mark.

It is a testament to Telford’s Warehouse booking policy to snare these when you look at the quality events they’ve been invited to play here and on the continent.

I don’t remember much about the gig itself. It went by in a ferocious funk blur at breakneck speed but I recall beautiful elements of it.

Firstly, I fell in love.

Even battle hardened old cynics like me, who have grown up with Debbie Harry, early Madonna and Sally from Tiswas, struggle with the heart melting combination of jaw dropping vocals, sheer enthusiasm and mesmerizing performance of Eva Lazurus.

God forbid anything happens to the group, but if they did split up, I’m sure Eva wouldn’t have to worry too much. Or any of the band for that matter.

The cheeky grin and enthusiastic intensity of drummer Andrew Davids, clearly a man loving it. Aron Davids pumping out slabs from the keys, the tireless Matt Davids holding down twin duties at the back and not forgetting the turntable heroics of DJ Snafu. As shown here.

Telford’s was rocking, bodies were jumping as the band funkdubbed through ‘Breakneck’,’Selecta’ and other future classics off the album as well as some earlier material.

It was easily the best gig I’ve been to this year, delivered with seasoned tightness, loud block rocking beats and slabs of dub delivered straight through your chest.

I keep banging on about it, also a bloody bargain from the venue.

Their collection ‘Sirens’ is one of the most complete debuts I think I’ve ever heard. It has the feel of musicians who have spent thousands and thousands of miles together. The production and overall balance of the album flawless. Just the right amount of everything to a pinhead.

You really need to hear ‘Stone Hearts’ and I can’t find you a copy to enlighten.

Buy The album.

It’s what they do with the middle 8 which hails the album’s class. Little precious jewels of blissy psychedelia wrapped around classy mini-breaks and scratches, like diamonds set in roses, leaving your eyes rolling into the back of your head in ecstasy.

I’ll find you another example. We’ll use ‘Under The Radar’.

A magnificent fusion masterclass in Funkdub but for me the magic starts at 2:45, little pearls of guitar joy, the touching vocal from Eva Lazurus carrying the track through to a full build up, ready for the final drum and scratch onslaught.

This is getting absolutely hammered to death here at the moment.

There are very few albums that I can put on, leave on and listen to all the way through. ‘Sirens’ is one of these and therefore sits in my collection among classics like The Strokes ‘Is This It?’ and The Doors self title in my world.

Dub Mafia are the complete package both in the studio and on the stage. If you are fortunate enough to catch these guys be sure to put a measly few quid to one side to buy a copy of ‘Sirens’ off them, as you’ll kick yourself the next day if you don’t.

These guys are going to go absolute supernova.

Remember Uncle Dan when they go global.


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