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Music and arts are under terrible threat, here’s a few thoughts and suggestions.

It’s a hugely worrying time for the arts right now, the pandemic and social distancing measures mean venues, artists, support staff and all the structure that make UK culture are in real danger. This is so hard to see, we’ve worked with so many great venues and artists over the years, and so many of them are staring down the barrel of completely losing their livelihood, with a government who seem diffident at best, and many would say are actively throwing the arts under the bus.

It’s easy to feel pretty powerless, but there are at least few things we can do:

  1. Sign this petition (at the time of writing it has over 130k signatures and will be debated in parliament, but every one helps).
  2. Support the Music Venue Trust in any way possible.
  3. Write to your local MP – particularly if they’re a Conservative, tell them how vital the arts are – They Work For You gives you details and a link to message your MP directly if you enter your post code.
  4. Support your local venues in any way you can. In respect to some of our favourites, Telfords and Alexanders are still open in Chester, as is District in Liverpool, the Live Rooms have shut temporarily, Constellations in Liverpool have taken the very difficult decision to close down, which is really terrible, one of the finest venues in the area and host to Positive Vibration and so many other great events.
  5. One of the best ways to support the artists who can’t play live is to buy their stuff from Bandcamp, particularly on a Bandcamp Friday (where all the money goes directly to the artists), there are 2 more this year.

We’re sure there are plenty more things that can be done, and if you’re reading this and have any other suggestions at all drop us a line via the socials and we’ll add them to the list. Stay safe and stay strong.

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