Babyhead is dead! Long live Babyhead!

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As you probably know, Babyhead are in indefinite hiatus, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still making music, and they got in touch today to tell us about the new project from Mancub AKA Babyhead verbals.

He’s put together a collective, entitled United Kingdoms, to make neon noise to permeate the Monopolis, spread love and reach out in sonorous union with the 7.7 billion. Their debut single, Black Friday, out today, is a sonic collage cut’n’pasted from news feeds, holy lyrics, arcane knowledge, chatrooms babble, commercials, paternal wisdom and love letters in attempt to reflect and reconcile being one of The 7.7 billion hurtling through space on this little rock.

You can stream or download it from

Black Friday

United Kingdoms are also playing live at Boomtown’s new space Area 404 tonight and then on November 8th and 9th – check their wastebook page for details.

Mancub is also supporting his friends from Nuuuuu Zillland, Pitch Black, on November 13th at the Crofters Rights, but this time under his Little Rock guise (how many aliases does one man need?). 

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