Speng Bong & Dignitary Stylish // Exit Brexit / Dance Haffi Keep

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Here comes the next and latest out of Yorkshire’s Ram Goat Records (produced by Canada’s Dubmatix). Both up to the time with current affairs, one JA one UK. If you still love your 80s Dancehall this pair are for you! These boys have been running some parties in North Wales we believe but we’ve yet to catch up with them…

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Speng Bond aka 001 – Exit Brexit. 
The first of many from Speng on Ram Goat Records label. Mr Speng Bond aka 001 giving his view on Brexit and recent events that have engulfed the UK. (Him nah tek it)

Dignitary Stylish – Dance haffi keep. 
Hear the lyrics veteran telling the story about how you can find a nice dance every single day of the week in JA. (7 days a week)

Out now onhttp://www.ramgoatrecords.com/

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