Babyhead just announced Dubplates (out 21/9/2018)

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From 1992 to 2016, Babyhead smashed the festival scene open with their electric stage shows, dynamic energy and snappy suits. Throughout their reign as the U.K.s premiere underground ska hip-hop supergroup, they stockpiled a cache of heavy remixes, which are now brought together for the first time. 

The ‘Dubplates’ release showcases some of their biggest tunes in a very different light, stripped back to their raw elements and letting the groove drive them. Representing one of the main cornerstones of the Babyhead sound – dub – the tracks take on a new life, unearthing treasures within and amplifying the essence of what inspired the band.

The remixers are drawn from across the Bristol scene, and reflect the depth of bass culture in the city. Local stalwart Dub From Atlantis, horndog Mister Long, Se Fire’s Sose and Tyun, the deadly Small Fry HiFi, The Beams’ Random Object, Optimus Prime’s PR-1 and sticksman Lupo incorporate elements of dub, drum and bass, dubstep, ska and reggae into their heavyweight mixes.

Sorely missed from the live arena, the release of ‘Dubplates’ helps softens the blow of Babyhead’s absence as well as celebrate their brief but brilliant reign.

Released September 21, 2018 

Babyboomtown (Dub From Atlantis and Mister Long’s Good Friday Dub)
Remixed by Dub From Atlantis and Mister Long

Recording Device (Lupo’s Dub Mix)
Remixed by Lupo

Radio Silence (PR-1 Remix)
Remixed by PR-1

Heavy Weather (Random Object Remix)
Remixed by Random Object

Jungle Lore (Lupo’s Dub Mix)
Remixed by Lupo

The Rise Of The Idiots (Sose Remix)
Remixed by Sose

Think Money (Lupo’s Dub Mix)
Remixed by Lupo

Fluff’s Theme (Small Fry HiFi Remix)
Remixed by Small Fry HiFi

Until We’re Heard (Sose & Tyun Dub)
Remixed by Sose and Tyun

You can pick this-up over on Bandcamp – how about a physical release chaps?

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