Ray Keith – Sound Boy EP

1 Posted by - 9th December 2017 - Features & Reviews, Top Picks by 3DJ

Ever since the man who brought us the seminal “The Terrorist” Keith’s signature high precision Dread sound has remained as compelling as ever.

Delivering another sure-fire anthem with the awe inspiring “Ganja Man” which manages to surpass War and Peace with the longest but compelling intro of a Ragga muffin speech from the one and only original Ganja man! As the name might suggest it features plenty of rapid fire burning and blazing percussion layered carefully over a menacing sub bass line with a Brass rift bringing a call to arms far and wide!! Injected with the beautifully delivered Ragga rants of the Ganja Man and deep bass stabs with enough ferocity to tear a hole in even the hardiest Kingston stacked Bass Bin sound system. Pull it!! indeed! Time after time!!!

Bionic Dredz provides a worthy flipside continuing the Burning up the place theme with a Fire making Contest you will feel hard to resist not taking part in, capturing the spirit of golden era of Ragga Jungle, The entire first half builds the suspense before the classic breaks kick in for the second half with lush synths and a relentless energy, providing that ever vibrant contrast between soft, melodic elements and tough, distorted Amen beats.

Ray notches it up another level with ”Jungle Sound Boy” which has the ability to take you back to the good ole days! Yet flips the sound to stand tall alongside the freshest productions 20years on, fusing the dub beats and sampled hypnotic melodic vocals from a distant yardie Soundclash, with tight jungle percussion, before slamming down into a typically frenetic assault of Chopper Amen beats and chunky bass lines to move any dance floor

Last, but far from least ‘Bun Dem Computerz’ is a deeper rollin smooth liquid style track, launching into a space shuttle Sci-Fi vocal sample predicting their invincibility, 10 points for the first to name where it came from!! It’s not long before you’re mesmerised and totally hooked. Once the raucous stabs, incessant drums and tearing bassline finally arrive, the combination is simply irresistible. RK’s sublime skills will not disappoint his army of fans of Penny Black, Dread & UFO.

RAY KEITH – SOUND BOY EP is getting a re-release on M Ocean Records – here.

You can here it below too…

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