Nightmares On Wax, Shape The Future – Again

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Ever since 1991’s A Word of Science i’ve been having Nightmares On Wax, and i’m thrilled to hear DJ E.A.S.E is back to shape my future, again. Along the way i’ve collected everything I can put out by N.O.W and it’s never disappointed, ever (well, ok, once with a pair of warped Finer/Les Nuits singles) and seen them / him a number of times – meeting George (E.A.S.E) in Manchester in 20??

Anyhow, time for some fresh N.O.W music! The new album is called ‘Shape The Future’ and it drops on 26th Jan. You can watch the video for ‘Citizen Kane’ ft. Mozez and Allan Kingdom here…

One of the most influential artists of a generation and a long-standing member of the Warp Records family, Nightmares On Wax announces his new album Shape The Future.

A perfect marriage of soul, hip-hop, dub and timeless club sounds that act as a salvo masterpiece of contemporary and classic genre-blending, brilliantly solidifying Nightmares On Wax’s place as an inspirational electronic music figurehead.

The main man had this to say on his Facebook page:

Making this album I’ve journeyed both inwardly and outwardly all over the world and both physically and emotionally.

I feel like I had to mature making this record, as it posed a lot of challenges along the way – more than I anticipated. You’re a different person each day so I could never make the same album again- expressions change.

I’ve brought in a lot of outside people including musicians and a lot of orchestration. It’s brought a lot of enrichment.

Each album to me is discovery and a reflection, a mirror where I’m at in life over a period of time through writing an album and touring. It’s inspiring my reality or affecting my outlook on things and in turn, is expressed through the music and expressing a message through different sides of emotion and our relationship to our reality

‘Shape The Future’, is out 26th January on Warp Records.
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I’ve even hunted out the tracklist –

  1. Back To Nature (feat. Kuauhtli Vasquez & Wixarika Tribe) 7:35
  2. Tell My Vision (feat. Andrew Ashong) 4:14
  3. Shape The Future 6:19
  4. On It Maestro 4:15
  5. Tomorrow (feat. LSK) 4:30
  6. Typical (feat. Jordan Rakei) 4:40
  7. Tenor Fly 2:41
  8. Citizen Kane (feat. Mozez) 4:00
  9. Deep Shadows (feat. Sadie Walker) 3:57
  10. Gotta Smile 6:44
  11. The Othership 4:07
  12. Citizen Kane (Rap Version) (feat. Mozez & Allan Kingdom) (Bonus Track) 4:09

Hit up Discogs for the back catalogue…

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I must beat my Funkdub compadre, Gentleman Kush and put together my own 5 Of The Best.

So, final question George – how about a review copy?