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Desperately sad news came earlier this week, Little Barrie drummer Virgil Howe passed away, our condolences and thoughts go out to all. He was a truly great drummer and Little Barrie are without doubt one of the very best live bands we’ve ever had the honour of putting on. In tribute to Virgil and one of the most fantastic and criminally under appreciated guitar bands of recent years, here are 5 of the best.

I.C.5.A. (2016)

First released in 2016 and featuring on their excellent 2017 double album, the drumming on this track is magnificent. You should  also check out the flip side Shoulders Up, Eyes Down, which features equally excellent drumming:

Pin That Badge (2006)

One of our absolute favourites, from their excellent sophomore album “Stand Your Ground”, (where they were produced by two of the best, Dan The Automator and Prince Fatty). This track was dedicated to Sam (3DJ) at the truly memorable Funkdub live show, an absolute monster:


Surf Hell (2011)

Absolutely superb drumming in this raucous opener from the “King Of The Waves” album:

Burned Out (2002)

You Tube doesn’t have the DJ Nu-Mark remix, that has never knowingly left the Funkdub record box, you can check it on spotify. Meanwhile the original, first released in 2002 and coming to our attention on the outstanding  2005 debut album “We Are Little Barrie”, is just as great. Check it out below, (this version with the original drummer):

Virgil Howe featuring Malcolm Catto – B-Boy Spaceshuffle (2010)

Virgil Howe was also an excellent DJ and producer and thanks to Wrongtom for pointing us in the direction of this production. This experimental funk track on the excellent Breakin Bread imprint is really something:



Better Call Saul (2015)

Always room for one more, perhaps Little Barrie’s most well known track is the theme tune to everyone’s favourite morally dubious lawyering telly show, “Better Call Saul”:


Tracks selected by 3DJ words by GK. RIP Virgil Howe.


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